Thursday, August 3, 2017

To hell with the Quirky Titles

It's really just too much work to be inventive and cute with my titles.  Maybe my cynical old age is finally catching up with me.

I was reminded I'm not being a very good blogger (at least from the volume of stuff I am putting out there).  Part of it is my reluctance to think anything I say is noteworthy or interesting to anyone out there, and part of it is the schedule I keep.  So this is my attempt to be more active, in Larry King People News and Views style.

I'm constantly disappointed by people, I have my expectations and the random person on the street fails to meet them most of the time.  This would be everything from littering, to upholding your end of a bargain, to ignoring requests at work, to voting in the Presidential election. (my bias might show there a bit)

Coworkers are a gift and a curse.  Today, a curse.  Hoping to get a gift tomorrow.

It's weird to be home alone, but yet very nice.  Sounds like it's about to come to an end.  I wish I had more fun to share, but there's been nothing.

A former friend is making bad decisions.  Ones that my wife is appalled and disgusted by.  Why do I want to reach out and be someone they could at least talk to?  Note that people all over our small town are talking about her, and I'm sure she has nowhere to turn.  And any kindness or humanity shown to her would be viewed poorly by everyone (and grounds for a huge fight with the wife). 

Is it weird that I want to be in an MMF right now?  That I so want to lick a cock and pussy that are banging away?  Or eat her while getting plowed from behind?

I've lost some weight.  Feeling better about how the clothes fit, etc.  Why is motivation to continue this beyond the initial push so hard?

If any of you can answer these or other questions...please let me know!

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