Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Trip Trifecta

Many times when I'm out and able, and am perusing the ads, I attempt to find a couple to hang with.  Call it a fantasy, or a kink, or whatever fits, but my eyes usually land on a couple looking for a third.  The ultimate fantasy (with my bi leanings) would be a MF couple, but that's only happened once, and was an OK experience, but would like to give it another shot.

This time, it happened through a regular hookup, and in conversation through A4A, this young asian bottom boy said he'd love it if I could find another top to fulfill his fantasy of really getting pounded by two guys.  I've never been great at party planning, but I gave it my best shot.  My first contact seemed promising, however he bailed when things took longer than anticipated.  A couple more attempts, and I found a fellow business traveler in the hotel down the road who was up for helping out.

My young friend arrived first, we made some small talk (he was graduating next week from the local college, had a job in town and would be moving downtown in a month.  He had a girlfriend who was aware he liked guys too, but didn't want to participate or even hear about it...the "don't ask, don't tell" of having a bi boyfriend, I suppose.

I asked what he wanted from us, he just said he wanted to be fucked by two guys, he's had one but always left wanting more.  I assured him that we would show him a good time.  Soon enough, a tap on the door let us know our other guest was here.  A taller, slender guy, with a buzzed head that showed the stubble of a light brown hair, and a similar length of beard that was just the right amount of fuzz.

The protocol of undressing interests me.  Most times, without a word spoken, someone takes the lead and the other(s) follow, whether it be to just climb into the bed clothed and undress as part of the dance...to strip down to underwear and/or shirt, so there's something to pull off when things get hot and heavy...or just to take everything off and get going.  This was a strip down and get down to business scenario.  (I think our third was heading out of town, and wanted to get going when things ended.  Can't blame him, I was in the same situation)

I was not disappointed as we got on either side of our bottom boy.  The darker, silky smooth skin contrasting against our two paler bodies, the fullness of his lips as we lightly kissed and touched each other, the unexpected bumping of hands, elbows and more as we each reached for an interesting new body part.  I tried to settle in and take in the sights, leaning back watching the other two hungrily kissing, rubbing and touching each other.  I watched C (the other top) work his way around D, licking and sucking his nipples, pulling on his dick, then going farther down and licking and sucking his cock and balls.  I went down and joined him, sucking while he licked, and licking while he sucked.  He soon moved farther down, placed D's legs over his shoulders, and ravaged his young hole with his tongue.  I moved back up to talk to D, asking him how it felt to have a hot tongue in his ass, and reminding him that it wouldn't be long until he had both our cocks in there.  His moans and breathy "yes..." told me he was ready to get started.

I took a minute to fluff C, he had grabbed a condom and the lube, and I sucked on his cock while he slicked up D's hole.  He was appreciative of the effort, but pulled away to turn his attention to our bottom.  Legs up, pillow under his lower back, and he was ready.  I massaged his chest and shoulders to help ease the initial sting of the invading member, then offered my own dick as a distraction.  He hungrily latched on, using a warm wet tongue to keep my unit excited.  He periodically came up for air, and moaned his approval at the dicking his ass was taking.  Again, I spent some time watching them fuck, seeing C's ass flexing as he pounded, and watching D take each thrust and push back wanting more.

C stopped, and offered me a chance at that ass.  I suited up, generously applied lube, and took my position between D's legs.  I could hear C in the bathroom cleaning up, but knowing that he was coming back in a bit.  I'll say at this point, I have a pretty decent sized cock.  And it is a bit of an ego boost to push into an ass, and hear that audible gasp, and be told how deep I'm pushing.  He told me how big I was, and how I was stretching him...which only made me swell more.

I leaned down to press my body into D's, and to feel those lips on mine again.  After some heavy making out, we were greeted with C's cock between us.  I can say without hesitation that this position, me with my cock up a hot young man's ass, and another dick in my mouth, is one of the hottest places and scenes I've ever been in.  I was hungrily devouring a nice cock, while mine was causing another to pant an moan, grabbing at my back and ass, pulling me in deeper.  In a perfect world, I'd be in this same spot (maybe adding a cock in my ass as well...) about once a week.  Pity it took so long for it to happen.

Wanting it to last longer, and feeling C getting harder, I stepped aside and offered D back to him.  He gladly flipped him over and entered again.  This time, after a quick cleanup, I stood straddling D's back, letting C suck on me while I pulled on his nipples.  It wasn't long until C's moans started, so I stepped back to watch him finish off inside of D.  Again, always interesting to see how others orgasms unfold.  C's hips bucked faster, and as he approached the finish line, he shuddered and spasmed a couple of times, letting out a low grown as he came.  I gave him a quick kiss and sent him back into the bathroom to clean up.

I checked in with D, ensuring that he still wanted to be fucked.  It was an enthusiastic yes, so I got back inside him.  He was on his stomach on the bed, and I was pressing into him with the full length of my cock, and pressing my full weight onto him.  "Is this what you wanted, two cocks taking turns on your tight little ass???"  "yes..." he hissed.  "You like having this big old cock filling you up?"  "yes..."  "Do you want me to unload and fill this condom in your ass?" "yes...".  With increasing speed and depth, increasing grunting and moaning, and finally a series of strong pounding thrusts, I blasted my load.  It was as intense as it was loud for me...which is usually not my style.  But with everything I'd experienced in the last 20 minutes, I was glad to express my gratitude and appreciation for the willingness of our young friend to entertain us.

So the good news is I got to participate in a fantasy for a nice guy, and he was very appreciative for the experience.  The better news is I head back to this fine city next year...hopefully to have the same types of experiences I had during this visit.

Back to my boring, normal existence.  But with memories of good times...