Thursday, May 18, 2017

Triple Trip Two

My second encounter, while at first blush more tame than the first, was very enjoyable in a different way.  It was certainly outside the box for me and my previous experience.

Another connection through A4A, this one was a quick turnaround from some messaging the night before.  With a screen name like "Top4U" one would think you would know what to expect when you finally got together.  But it certainly wasn't that way this time.

We arranged for him to come up to the room after work, before my evening commitment took me out for a while.  As the time drew nearer, he was a little more forceful about what he'd like when he got there.  I've never really done the whole dom/sub thing, this interested me a bit, just in the "let someone else take control" aspect.  His instructions were to respond to his message that he was on my floor by propping the door, and then being naked, on all fours on the bed.  I did as asked, although watching closely and ready to react if I didn't feel comfortable.

He entered the room, a medium height, very thin man of about 35.  He was wearing sunglasses, it was difficult for me to determine his ethnicity, although his dark hair and skin tone hinted at some asian blood.  He approached the bed, ran his hands over my back and ass, swatted my right cheek, and then moved me so I was on my back, looking up at him standing beside the bed.  "No marks", I said, and he assured me there wouldn't be.

My nipples were his first target, first pinching (a bit too hard for my liking, but I think that was the idea), then nibbling.  I did grunt and squirm a bit, it was a sharp pain that I'm not used to when being with someone.  I'm usually a lot more into passionate and tender, and both my experiences so far have been tinged with an attack on my sensitive nips.  Was it terrible?  No.  And I can't say I didn't like it a little...

I reached up to feel his chest, and was pushed away. I then leaned up and rubbed my face and mouth over his crotch, feeling the welcome swelling of his cock pressing against me.  The nipple assault was continuing, and drew my attention away from his jeans, and back to my abused chest.  I'll have to remember it's a pretty good way to get someone to stop doing what they're doing...

From this point, however, my experience turned to pretty vanilla.  For all the talk about being a top, he wasn't interested in fucking at all.  I wanted a mouth full of cock (I realize now how slutty that sounds...not apologizing...), and all I got was a tongue on his balls.  He continued to rub his hand on my while jacking off with the other.  I continued doing what I was doing, his encouragement was keeping me going. 

I finally heard the telltale sounds of imminent eruption, and for the first time received a load on my face.  I will say while unexpected, it was pretty hot.  It wasn't a huge load, but splashed across my face, and didn't taste bad either.  He was very quick to run and get me a warm rag to clean up with, which was much appreciated.

So sometimes we have an expectation, it doesn't head in the direction we thought it would, but turns out to be a good thing anyway.  I enjoyed my somewhat anonymous encounter and certainly opened my eyes up to future experiences where I'm more of a submissive participant. 

How about you?  Anything turn out unexpectedly, but still a good experience?


  1. Typically, when things go south, I will abruptly end the session.

    1. I get that, and wouldn't have a problem if I felt uncomfortable. Was enjoying pressing my limits a bit.

  2. I hooked up with a guy in his late thirties a few months ago. I'm now sixty. The guy was tall and handsome with a great body. The only way he could get off was to be chocked while doing the deed. I chocked him. He came. We parted ways. I'd never chocked a guy before so I was a bit hesitant. It turned out to be a hot time but I'm not sure I want to do it again.